Integrating and supporting technology for better solutions and health outcomes.

Ignite is here as a leader and partner to provide solutions and support for healthcare professionals, patients, and their family members to live their best life.

Why Ignite Care powered by Ignite Technology?

Ignite Care is working in collaboration with technology developers, patients, families, government, and care providers. We help transform and build an affordable and sustainable health systems globally. One that is secure, safe and reliable while seamless and easy to use.

Ignite Technology connects people and ideas through technology. We offer a full suite of services including collaboration, cyber security, managed services, and integrative health solutions. 

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Health Solutions as a Service, to Help you Live and Work Better with Confidence.

Ignite Care ensures all our platforms are Safe, Secure and easy to use.

For seniors to age well in our community

By integrating software, hardware and AI intelligence into supportive solutions that are affordable and easy to use, our focus is to help seniors age well no matter where they live. Ignite's health solutions seamlessly connect seniors with their family members and health providers in a safe and secure manner.

Enabling those with diverse abilities to live well

The Autonomous Living Project helps persons with diverse abilities live well in the community. From remote intelligent safety monitoring to notification and alerts that connect family members and care givers, this solution can be vital to helping people live better, independently.

A one support Model for the Medical Professionals

Helping you integrate your technology systems so that you can communicate with your patients and clients seamlessly. Through our One Support model, we have your IT environment covered with one number to call in an unexpected situation. Our ongoing education & adoption keeps staff up to date and onboarding new employees a breeze. Connect with us to learn more.

A one Support user Model for Dental Professionals

Our experts understand the complex needs of integrated technologies that go into today's digital dental practices. From continuous support, to help with urgent, unexpected challenges, proactive monitoring to ongoing education & adoption for staff to understand the technology that is the backbone of an office. Ignite Care provides the peace of mind to allow your staff to focus on the patient.

Helping Improve
Lives for All

We'd love to partner with you.

We’re working on commercial demonstration projects for seniors in our community and those living with diverse abilities. If you have a technology that can help, connect with us.

Technology helping to enable better care

As a technology provider we’ve built a strong foundation in helping companies connect securely and seamlessly. Our expertise and knowledge is the perfect model for helping to enrich lives through a healthcare solution experience that cares for you every step of the way.

Addressing Patient and Healthcare Challenges

We offer a patient centric and integrated approach.

Our Growing List of Partners in Health Solutions.

Let's Connect and Discover What's Possible.