LEAP into the Hybrid Workplace: Productivity reimagined

Change is constant, and many companies are working to build an adaptive workforce to give their teams the agility and flexibility they need to work from anywhere. In our LEAP blog series so far, we’ve covered off some really important topics. If you want to catch up, start here


Make it easy to pivot and prioritize on top projects and events.  

When we started this series, we shared how important it is to listen and include your team in the process as you build-out or change your collaboration systems that impact their work.  


Employee satisfaction, wellbeing and culture all directly influence how productive your workforce isas well as their resilience to change. The employee experience is a very powerful thing. It’s also important that leaders feel confident with their team’s performance.  


Lesek Demont, Ignite Account Executive says, “I think it’s fair to say that every employer wants to have productive employees. But, people also want to feel of value and like they’re contributing in a meaningful way and making tangible progress, not just performing tasks.” 


How can we bring all of this together to make sure everyone is empowered to do their best work?  


Reimagine productivity and work smarter. 

People need a reliable collaboration and communication platform that can help them be just as productive virtually as they would be in the office – and don’t forget your frontline workers. All team members should have access to the same secure suite of tools needed to get their jobs done and stay tuned into the pulse of the business, wherever they are 


Let’s talk efficiencies. When your suite of tools doesn’t integrate or “talk to each other, you’re making it more difficult for your employees to stay connected. Your hardware, software and policies should be designed with your business and team’s unique needs, values and goals in mind. That way, technology can fall into the background and give high value tasks more dedicated focus time 


In short, it’s not about what the technology does per say, but rather what it can enable your team to do and the experience it gives We’ve got to stop thinking about this backwards – take a people-first approach. Listen to and learn what pain points you can alleviate for your people, and take action. Book a discovery session with us today to find out how we can help. 


Adding another tool to your stack is not the answer to overwhelm. 

In our recent LEAP into the Hybrid Workplace live panel discussion, our speakers shared how Listening, Experience, Accessibility and Productivity can help you stay seamlessly connectedBut what they really emphasized is, how building trusted relationships with the people we work with and lead, is key to designing a successful system for everyoneMissed the conversation? You can watch the recording here. 


It’s easy to be swept away as we get the urge to adopt yet another tool. It’s exciting, we know – we’re tech junkies ourselves. It’s truly about finding the right tools that can work for you and your team so that your entire workforce to jump on board and work together seamlessly. 


Adopting new technology and getting the most out of your investment is something we care deeply about. But even more than that, it’s making sure your people (the users of the technology) are getting the most out of it they can and aren’t facing obstacles in their workflowConnecting with one another should never be a frustration. 


Secure your data, and give your team peace of mind. 

At Ignite, we partner with Cisco, and use the Webex platform as our collaboration hub of choiceAnd while the features are amazing, a big part of that decision was based on how they approach secure access. 


Your team relies on you to set them up with the systems and training they need to keep sensitive data secure. Cyber Security Awareness and teaching your team to protect their data is your first defense against most cybercrime. 

Ignite Security focuses on building a proactive approach so that you can respond effectively before, during, and after a cyber security incident when one occurs. Know what you’re doing right, and what areas need improvement. Get your very own security report card through our comprehensive cyber security audit system. 


Optimize everyday experiences for your team with applications, networks, and security that are scalable, reliable, and well-supported. We are always here to help – whether you’re a small business with little to no IT support on staff, or a CTO on a mission. Explore Ignite Technology’s full service offering here. 


Sarah Allen
~Sarah Allen, Content Coordinator

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