One Support Managed IT Solution so you can have peace of mind.

Ignite One Support service offers a comprehensive range of support solutions for businesses, including remote and desk-side support, network monitoring, email filtering, cloud hosting, and additional services.

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No IT? Small IT Team? No problem. Ignite can meet all of your managed services requirements, allowing you to focus on your business without concern. We use a combination of leading technologies, effective processes, and extensive experience to help your organization flourish, providing support at every stage of your journey.

Our One Support Offering

Ignite has a multidisciplinary team of specialists to support your organization in achieving its IT objectives. With our help, you can streamline your operations, reduce downtime, and optimize your IT infrastructure, all while freeing up your internal resources to focus on your core business activities.

User Awareness Training
Addressing user awareness is critical as it serves as your initial line of defense against cybercrime. By providing User Awareness training, you equip your team with the necessary knowledge to maintain security and reinforce the significance of consistently implementing cyber-safe practices.
Email Filtering
Shield your users from the surge of unwanted email messages that inundate their inboxes. Employing email filtering, in conjunction with User Awareness Training and other fundamental strategies, can aid in maintaining your organization's security.
Internet Filtering
Incorporating internet filtering can aid in preventing users from accessing harmful internet pages or entire websites, ultimately assisting in maintaining your organization's security.
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Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection is a critical component of an organization's cybersecurity strategy, enabling efficient threat detection, remediation, and response. By implementing Endpoint Protection, organizations can enhance their cyber resilience and reduce the impact of cyber attacks on their business operations.
Email Journaling
Email journaling is a useful tool to reinforce your email retention strategy, potentially saving time and money in the event of litigation by streamlining the process.
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DNS Management
DNS management is crucial in sustaining business continuity since it serves as the foundation of the internet. DNS transforms the web into a user-friendly platform instead of a complicated network of IP addresses.
Back Up Management
To ensure business continuity and prevent IT disruptions, prioritizing data loss prevention and backup is crucial. By doing so, you can potentially save time and money in the event of an incident and promptly recover your valuable data.
Data Loss Prevention
Safeguard your crucial data and secure your digital services. Our professionals incorporate monitoring into your Microsoft 365 environment to establish advanced cyber resilience in your program and assist with data loss prevention.
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SharePoint Online Support
Sharepoint Online is a Cloud platform that companies of all sizes use to promote connectivity, collaboration and community throughout their organization - but many teams may not be maximizing the benefits of their SharePoint Online subscriptions.
Remote Monitoring
Having a trusted partner to support Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) allows you to continuously improve your solution to meet the evolving needs of your business and enable best-in-class remote IT help for your team.
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How can our Managed IT Services help you?

We're a Microsoft partner

At Ignite, we offer specialized support for SharePoint Online, ensuring that your internal communications, team collaboration sites, and other Microsoft 365 features are optimized to their fullest potential.

Our team of experts also implements monitoring in your Microsoft 365 system to establish advanced cyber resilience in your program and assist with data loss prevention.

Brandon Fyfe

Director of Infrastructure & Cloud

Consult with a Solutions Expert

Our Ignite experts can support your IT infrastructure, and Ignite’s Security experts are here to help you draft meaningful governance to meet your goals. We’ll work with you to define a strategy from conception through to implementation.  

Fauzia Moorani

Technology Educator

Consult with our
Education Support

Our Technology Adoption Educators can support white glove service and engage your chosen stakeholders in monthly or quarterly review of your user reports to help you understand areas of opportunity and refine programming 

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